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Obviously, this is not an interview, but it's a reposting of an advertisement for Eshel's national shabbaton for frum LGBT Jews. For those who have not yet gone, I can only say this: GO. It's absolutely amazing. There are a wide variety of frum Jews there, from the most chassidish to the most modern, as well as a big variation in ages, from teenagers to alter- zaidies. Some people bring their children. But everyone comes together and there is a sense of great love and support and wonder. There is a great sense of community. So, if you haven't yet come to an Eshel retreat, this might be the year to try it.

Since this is a reposting, the register now buttons (and other links) won't work. But if you want to go directly to the original page (where the buttons DO work), click here: Eshel shabbaton

National Retreat

Eshel presents

A Retreat for Orthodox

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Jews*

 January 17-19th, 2014

Parshat Yitro

 register3-300x130Where, When and What?
116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT 06031
Eshel 1013.064Friday, January 17th  — Sunday, January 19th
This weekend will bring together LGBT Orthodox Jews to celebrate together; we will have spirited davening (prayer), delicious healthy kosher food, shiurim (classes), singing, and sessions relevant to our lives as LGBT frum Jews.
There will be plenty of time scheduled to hang out, sit by the fireplace on Saturday night, and get to know all the members of this growing community.  This will be a fun and spiritually uplifting weekend.
Who is this for?
*Orthodox or traditional LGBT Jews.  We also welcome formerly Orthodox, Ortho-curious and anyone who wants to experience a traditional Shabbat with other LGBT Jews.
The program!
Our retreats draw from the many talents of our participants.  There is a wide range of topics that we explore during the weekend, and modalities of learning, including text study, topics on identity, learning new songs, skills training, and more.
Let us know what you would like to share with the rest of the participants!
Registration and Pricingregister3-300x130
Sign up by Dec. 10th, 2013 to get an early bird discount!
RATESEarly Bird By Dec. 10thAfter Dec. 10th
Standard Plus Single (Based on Single Occupancy)$550$605
Standard Plus Double (Based on Double Occupancy)$450$495
Standard Single (Based on Single Occupancy)$475$525
Standard Double (Based on Double Occupancy)$400$440
Standard Triple (Based on Triple Occupancy)$340$375
Economy Single (Based on Single Occupancy)$390$430
Economy Double (Based on Double Occupancy)$315$345
Youth ages 5-15 (Based on double/triple occupancy)$125$140
Children 4 and under $25$25
Financial Aid – Double Occ. or dorm accommodationsvariable
Registration Closes on January 9th, 2014
We are committed to making our weekends as inclusive and accessible as possible, however, there is a limited amount of financial aid available for those who, for financial reasons, cannot otherwise attend.

There are a few steps to applying for financial aid:
1. Write an email to info@eshelonline.org and request the financial aid application.
2. Fill out and send the completed form back to: info@eshelonline.org.
The final deadline for applying is Dec. 15th, 2013.  After that applications will be taken on a case-by-case basis.
You should hear back from us between Dec. 1-21st  about whether you have received financial aid.
3.    Register for the Retreat: If you are awarded financial aid, you will be given registration instructions with a special registration code to use.  You must register for the retreat within ten days of being awarded aid, after that we will offer the aid to the next person waiting.
Please note that we cannot accommodate aid requests after you have registered.

Be an Eshel Angel!
If you are able to donate funds to enable people to come to the retreat, please donate here.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will go to those who cannot afford to attend.
Halachic Information
We ask that everyone keep halakhik shomer shabbos practice in public areas, however no judgment will be made about anyone for not having a particular level of observance.  All food will be strictly kosher, the retreat will be shomer shabbos, and we will have traditional davening/prayer.   (On the registration form, you’ll be asked what kind of davening you’d like to participate in during the weekend.)  We will offer a variety of learning options, from traditional text study to experiential workshops covering a wide variety of subjects.
Shabbat starts at 4:31 pm and ends at 5:35 pm.  We ask that no one arrive or leave after Shabbat starts or before it ends.  We also request that participants spend the entire weekend together.
Transportation to and from the retreat is at your own expense.  Eshel will try to assist you in finding transportation to and from the weekend.
For directions and transportation information, please visit the Isabella Freedman website http://isabellafreedman.org/guest/directions
Confidentiality Policy
Some participants may not be out as LGBT in their daily lives, or may have other important reasons for keeping their attendance at the Shabbaton confidential. You have affirmed that you WILL NOT POST OR DISTRIBUTE PHOTOGRAPHS or audio/video recordings of other attendees publicly unless you have the EXPLICIT permission of every attendee represented therein. This includes distribution or posting online on flickr, Facebook, MySpace, and similar sites, as well as anywhere else in which photographs and other representations are publicly available.
Refund Policy
Participants who cancel their registration more than 2 weeks before an event are eligible for a refund less a $25 processing fee. Participants who cancel within the last two weeks prior to an event receive a 100% credit toward a future retreat less a $25 processing fee. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the start of the retreat or leave the retreat early no refund or credit is available.
Questions?  Please email us at info@eshelonline.org.   Please help us spread the word about the shabbaton!
- See more at: http://www.eshelonline.org/save-the-date-national-retreat-january-17-19-2014/#sthash.QogBQbTQ.dpuf

If you'd like to ask any questions about the shabbaton or about Eshel, please feel free to email me at hiddenjews@gmail.com

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