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 SB is a young child with a frum gay mother. He attends a modern Orthodox school, though his family considers themselves to be yeshivish. 
                                FRUM. That's what I said!
Hello SB, thank you for letting Frum Gay Girl interview you today. What do you think about your words getting put up on a blog?
SB: I hope people see the interview and if they are gay, feel better about their life, and they are if they are straight, be nicer and kinder to gay people.
Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
SB: I’m a kid. I’m very interested in planes. My favourite planes are the Lear jet the 727-100. I like planes because it’s an amazing thing to see them go up into the air carrying so much weight. It’s like a miracle. I love the way they are shaped too.
How would you describe yourself religiously?
SB: I don’t know! I keep the mitzvos, and I study Torah in school. I wear a yarmulke and I have tzitzis and payos.
                                My payos are longer than your payos
What is your favourite thing to do?
SB: I like rappelling down cliffs and waterfalls. It is very fun! When I do it, my dad gives me a lot of praise and attention for being good at it.
What is your least favourite thing to do?
SB: Take out the garbage.
What kind of school do you go to and are they supportive of having a gay parent?
SB: My old school was run by chassidim but it was practically a gay school! They knew my mother was gay and they were very supportive. The principal's whole family used to come to us for Shabbos and Yomtov and I was very good friends with all the kids. Families in the school used to invite my family over for shabbos too. Other schools are not supportive like that.
This year, I am moving to a new school. I don’t know what that will be like. I am worried about it.

Will you tell people that your Mum is gay?
SB: I don’t know. It really depends on what kind of people are there. I already know someone who is gay who works there and she is really nice but I don’t know yet how they treat her or what my teachers are like.
                                                Mummy, is this man Jewish?
What are you afraid of?
SB: I’m afraid that the kids there won’t like me and that it will be really hard and that I won’t make any friends. I’m a little bit afraid that my mum being gay will affect me having friends.
What’s the worst thing about having a gay mum?
SB: There’s nothing bad about it.
What do you think about the frum community?
SB: I don’t like them because they aren’t nice to my family. They say mean things. They look down on us.
                                Ha, ha! You've been excommunicated!
What’s the best thing about having a gay mum?
SB: My mother has a really nice girlfriend. She knows how to talk with people. A lot of people, when they tell you things, don’t really listen or don’t care, but she does. And I definitely don’t want another dad, if my mum was straight. My dad is…complicated. It’s funny, though, because my mum doesn’t wear a tichel. She doesn’t cover her hair.
We also get to go to special conferences for frum gay people ( http: //www.eshelonline.org ) and they are so much fun.
Do you ever talk about your mum being gay with your friends or classmates?
SB: No. They already knew when I went into school and that was that. It wasn’t a big deal. No one made a fuss about it at all.

Has anyone ever said or done anything mean to you about your mother being gay?
SB: The frum kids say we are “fry-acks” because we aren’t like them. We still do everything frum but because our family isn’t like theirs they say that kind of stuff. It makes me feel bad, and also annoyed at them. It makes me want to be less frum, because I don’t want to be mean like them, and that’s what frum people seem like, to me. Mean.
If you could ask the frum world for anything, what would it be?
SB: Please be nice to frum gay Jews. They are good Jews and there's nothing wrong with them. Let your kids play at their house. 

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